Daft Punk's "Robot Rock," mixed with Queen's "We Will Rock You."

Is a mix featured in the 2009 rhythm game DJ Hero.

The mix is widley considered the best mix in the game for its fast pace and, "perfect blend," of notes, scratching, and cross-fading. It was given the number 1 spot in IGN's "DJ Hero: Top 5 Mixes."


  • It should be noted that if players listen hard enough, that they will notice the "We Will" part being repeated is being sped up each time until the rest of the "We Will Rock You" matches BPM with "Robot Rock".
  • It is sometimes refered to as "We Will (Robot) Rock You" by both fans and the staff of Freestyle Games.

thumb|300px|left|The mix on Expert mode, video provided by MahaloVideoGames

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